Monday, March 31, 2014

International CES Attendees Enjoy Bottleneck-free Badging

"The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) set out to revamp the attendee experience at its 2014 show and pulled it off, due in large part to ITN International, " says Margo Pierce, writing for EXPO Magazine.

In an effort to reduce waste and leverage technology, show managementfor the first time in International CES' history—did not mail badges to attendees before the event, Piece explains.

That meant every attendee's badge had to be generated on demand.

With more than 155,000 attendees descending on Las Vegas, all eager to pick up their credentials and dash into the show, ITN had to assure that onsite badge production and distribution was bottleneck-free.

And it did.

"Anyone could pick up their badges at virtually any time—almost anywhere," Pierce writes.

A citywide network of badge production stations was the answer.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exhibitors Capture Leads from NFC Digital Badges

A purpose-built release of ITN’s BCARD Reader let exhibitors at Mobile World Congress 2014 capture leads from the digital NFC badges many attendees carried on their phones at the Barcelona mega-show in February.

Attendees participating in the “NFC Experience,” an onsite program designed by show management to provide a bundle of event-enhancing NFC services, received one especially practical, time-saving amenity: an NFC digital badge. The NFC digital badge allowed attendees to gain access to the venue without repeatedly needing to show a physical photo ID at the entrances. Instead, attendees accessed the venue through dedicated entrance lanes, where they simply tapped a reader with their phones.

According to show management, 10,000 attendees took advantage of the NFC digital badge.

So that exhibitors could capture leads from attendees’ NFC digital badges, ITN adapted BCARD Reader to read those badges both on Android and WP8 phones.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Partnership Lets Exhibitors Capture Leads with Their Own iPhones

DeviceFidelity and ITN International joined forces at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona to provide exhibitors an enhanced “NFC Experience” on iOS.
Using DeviceFidelity-powered Cashwrap cases for the iPhones, exhibitors were provided a unique opportunity to read conference badges with ITN’s lead retrieval app BCARD Reader using NFC on iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, and 4.
The joint effort between the companies assured that iPhone-carrying exhibitors could also capitalize on the NFC Experience promoted by show manager GSMA, in partnership with DeviceFidelity and Incipio. 
The NFC Experience allowed attendees at Mobile World Congress to use their iPhones as show badges, as well interact with signs and posters throughout the event. The official GSMA Mobile World Congress show app worked with the NFC cases, and included digital food coupons for use on site, as well as access to content at citywide NFC hotspots.
DeviceFidelity worked with ITN to allow ITN’s BCARD Reader also to run on iPhones equipped with a Cashwrap case, as well as on iPads using DeviceFidelity iCaisse products, so exhibitors could capture leads with their iOS devices.

Monday, March 17, 2014

ITN and InGo Partnering to Boost Attendance of Super Mobility Week

ITN plans to integrate InGo’s social networking tool with its registration Website for Super Mobility Week.

InGo’s tool will allow registered attendees to invite key individuals from their social networks to attend the mammoth event.

The tool also enables attendees to see who within their networks will be attending.

“We’re very excited to launch this new partnership with InGo” says Ivan Lazarev, President & CEO, ITN. “Our collaboration will further differentiate us as a leader in the marketplace and allow our client CTIA to accelerate the growth of its event and gain insight into the demographics that drive the event’s value.”

“This partnership is a comprehensive one, including go-to-market teaming, technical collaboration and custom solution development,” says Michael Barnett, CEO, InGo. “Looking down the line, I am most excited about the information-rich lead analysis that ITN will be able to provide CTIA as a result of this partnership.”

Anchored by two CTIA tradeshows—CTIA 2014 and MobileCON—Super Mobility Week will represent the largest technology event in the second half of 2014, hosting thousands of mobile professionals and executives, 1,100+ exhibitors, and 1,000+ media and analysts.

The event takes place September 9-11 in Las Vegas.

ITN is the official registration and lead retrieval provider for Super Mobility Week.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exhibitor NXP Uses BTAGs to Deliver Branded Content

ITN's new BTAG is a touch marketing tool that boosts the impact of presentations and demonstrations. A live NFC touchspot, BTAG delivers content whenever an attendee touches it with his or her event badge or NFC smartphone. BTAG lets attendees take home branded content in the easiest way imaginable—by turning their badges and phones into “digital tote bags.” Learn how exhibitor NXP used BTAGs at Mobile World Congress 2014.