Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Giants Loving NFC

Corporate giants like Google, Visa and McDonald's are singing the praises of near-field communication (NFC), due to its ability to dish out direct advertising and return real-time consumer data, according to Popular Science.

Because NFC is being built into the new generation of smartphones, it won't be long before most consumers will be able to pay for purchases and interact with brands through touch.

Advertisers won't use NFC only to deliver consumers coupons, promos, samples and other "digital perks," but to collect marketing intelligence, just as they do now on Websites.

"When you make an NFC purchase, your phone isn't just transmitting your bank numbers for payment. It can also transmit your buying habits and demographic information," Popular Science writes.

"That sounds terrifying, but for the most part that kind of information is already out there and being used every time you buy an app, or anything from Amazon, or search for a product on Google. NFC just has the potential to make that data available instantly and in real time, which is exceedingly valuable to marketers and retailers and other people who care that you prefer Five Guys to Shake Shack. And instead of coupons, you might get beamed advertising insteadintensely targeted ads tailored to your latest purchase."