Thursday, February 28, 2013

Booth Bump

Eric Franklin of CNET grabbed this close-up of a badge-read during Mobile World Congress. He labels it a "booth bump."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BizBash Offers an NFC Primer

BizBash's Mitra Sorrells has written a fantastic primer on NFC's application to events.

She interviews ITN's CEO, Ivan Lazarev, who explains how NFC enables key functions like inventory control, attendee tracking, session evaluation, food & beverage management, lead retrieval, and post-event followup.

Sorrells also explores the likely move to badge-less events.

As NFC smartphones become pervasive, event badges will "live" inside attendees' phones. Paper badges will serve merely as visual markers of attendees' identities.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NFC is Awesomely Easy

galaxy s3 tv ad work trip NFC is Awesomely EasyWriting for event planner Greg Ruby's blog Gems, Bob James, ITN's Vice President, Marketing calls NFC "awesomely easy."
"A lot has been said (rightfully so) about the 'game-changingimpact near-field communication (NFC) will have on events," James writes. "Less has been said about how easy it is to use NFC."
Ease-of-use is one key reason NFC has been adopted by major business-to-business event producers worldwide, including CTIA, IBC and GSMA, and by large business-to-consumers organizations like the Walt Disney Company.
With NFC, functions like event ticketing, access control, games and contests, session scanning, lead retrieval and attendee tracking becomes suddenly easier—and less intrusive—than ever before.
If you’re not yet using NFC, you’re probably aware of how it works from Samsung’s edgy TV commercial, “Work Trip.”

Bye, Bye, QR Codes. NFC's Here!

Writing for Successful Workplace, Jeanne Roué-Taylor says that QR codes are rapidly losing out to NFC.
"Just as some of the world realized what QR codes actually are, the shift is happening toward Near Field Communication (NFC) instead," Roué-Taylor writes.
Consumers have killed the QR code, Roué-Taylor says.

They told us that QR codes were too clunky and had too many steps from ‘notice to value’."
Roué-Taylor quotes Fusion92's Jacob Beckley, who said, "Both NFC and QR codes serve a similar function: they are a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. NFC codes create a digital bridge to physical collateral, and unlike calls to action that require consumers to type in a URL or scan a code to get redirected to an online message, with NFC, all the consumer has to do is touch their smartphone or mobile device to the collateral for an instantaneous connection."
Roué-Taylor likes the opportunities NFC presents for new conveniences in the workplace:
  • Security through identity management
  • Authorization and workflow exception management
  • Process kickoff and continuation
  • Property location and loss prevention
  • Time-cards (checking in or out of a job site)
"NFC offers a host of benefits that are part of our accelerating move toward the Internet of Things," Roué-Taylor concludes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Geek Wanted!

ITN needs a .NET developer in its Salt Lake City office.

The developer will work with our clients in the consultative phase of projects to develop and document requirements, then move on to designing, prototyping, testing and publishing applications to production.

International travel is part of the gig.

Know a qualified candidate? Tell her to send a resume to


Help Wanted

ITN needs to hire an Event Project Manager (EPM) in its Bethesda, Maryland, office.

Our EPMs manage the people, software and equipment required to execute projects for our clients. In this role, the individual will:
  • Focus on customer service delivery
  • Communicate with clients throughout all levels of their organizations
  • Monitor deadlines and anticipate activities
  • Set up and maintain servers, laptops, printers, mobile devices, networks, etc., at events
  • Assess the needs for resources and formulate recommendations
  • Coordinate the work of both ITN staffers and outside contractors
  • Track project milestones and deliverables
  • Prioritize and execute tasks
  • Respond to clients’ inquires and requests
  • And more
Know a qualified candidate? Tell her to send a resume to

Friday, February 1, 2013

The NFC Experience at Mobile World Congress

Later this month, the mammoth Mobile World Congress will showcase "The NFC Experience," enabling attendees to take full advantage of near-field communication while visiting the event.
“We’re excited to launch The NFC Experience for Mobile World Congress, as it provides attendees to the event the opportunity to experience first-hand the power of NFC technology both throughout the Mobile World Congress venue, as well as in the city of Barcelona,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA, which sponsors the event.

During registration, attendees with NFC-enabled handsets (Android 4 and above or Windows Phone 8 operating system) can opt to receive "virtual badges." These permit show entry with a physical badge, but without any need to present a photo ID.

Attendees with NFC-enabled handsets will also be able to take advantage of NFC "touchpoints" that will be placed throughout the the walkways, entrances and exhibition halls of Fira Gran Via, as well as the city of Barcelona.

The touchpoints will reward attendees with instant access to information about conference sessions, keynotes, exhibits, restaurants and nearby conveniences. NFC touchpoints will also be placed the airport, key hotels and select tourist attractions.

Topping off The NFC Experience, attendees will also be able to pay for taxis and shop goods with NFC.

Exhibitors can take full advantage of NFC for lead retrieval by working with ITN. To learn more about our offerings, watch a brief Webinar, How to Optimize Lead Retrieval at MWC.